With an impressive roll call of world renowned clients, Encoded Media, manufacturers of video, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and network recording (PVR) solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMEs), are reaping the benefits of being part of the business community at the Ongar Business Centre in Ongar.

Encoded Media's decision to locate at the Ongar Business Centre

Many thriving businesses are choosing to locate themselves in Essex in general, a base in the county proving no obstacle to attracting big-name clients including, in the case of Encoded Media, Bank of England, Honda, British Airways and the NHS.

Established in 2003, Encoded Media provide solutions for businesses in sectors including enterprise, education, government, healthcare and more.

The company made the move to the Ongar Business Centre in 2006, taking advantage of the competitive pricing in setting up base at the Centre as well as the convenient location of nearby motorways, airports, ports and easy access to London. The Centre is a ten-minute drive from the M11, 15 minutes from the A12, 20 minutes from the M25 and 25 miles south of London Stansted Airport.

Proof of the value in working out of the Ongar Business Centre can be seen from Encoded Media’s turnover quadrupling in their time at the Centre and their expansion into larger units to better accommodate them – a perfect example of how the Ongar Business Centre can work for an SME. The company is delighted with the support his business has received at Ongar Business Centre.

“We’d not hesitate in recommending the location to any other business, with its relaxed yet professional atmosphere. We’ve been more than pleased with the helpfulness and efficiency of the centre staff and with the way the centre is operated by them.”

Philip Wand
Encoded Media

Providing solutions for the NHS

In terms of the NHS, Encoded Media provides continuous professional development for clinicians at the Rotherham Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Medical Education Centre through their Video Publisher system, which allows the user to connect to any standard video camera or webcam.

Encoded Media installed the system in the Medical Simulation Centre, provided training for users, meaning more students can watch and benefit from each medical simulation session. Recordings can be easily saved to a library, giving trainers and clinicians immediate access to examples of best practice.

For more information on Encoded Media see here.

About the Ongar Business Centre

For Encoded Media, their continuing relationship with Ongar Business Centre – now extending into a 12th year – encapsulates the manner in which a business can grow as part of a business hub. Although Encoded Media is one of more than 20 businesses currently residing at the Ongar Business Centre, there are further spaces available to join a flourishing community.

“[Ongar Business Centre's] advice and flexibility in providing office space over the years has allowed us to focus on our business, and leave behind our worries about property, parking, heating, cleanliness and so on.”

Philip Wand
Encoded Media

Ongar Business Centre is overseen by Invest ESSEX, part of the ‘Let’s Do Business Group’ delivering services for Essex County Council across the Greater Essex area. Location Services Director, David Rooke, believes the progress Encoded Media has made during its time at Ongar Business Centre should serve as inspiration to other start-ups/SMEs considering their options on where to set up a base.

“The Ongar Business Centre provides flexible affordable space with the option to expand or reduce/downsize without changing location. We have many resources available and experts on hand to offer services such as mentoring and finance packages with the other added value of working alongside SMEs in similar situations to create a working environment where the space will create a positive energy.”

David Rooke
Location Services Director
Invest ESSEX

Monthly charges cover rent, lighting, heating, kitchen facilities and the workspaces also come with free on-site parking and have easy in and out licences, meaning there is no long-term commitment required.

For more information or to enquire about availability at Ongar Business Centre, please contact Centre Manager Pam Winter.

You can find out more about the work done by Invest ESSEX here.