Tendit Services Ltd specialises in helping businesses with their telecoms, internet and print set-up, service and billing. The team includes experts with over 100 years combined industry experience between them. Their focus is on providing businesses with the latest cutting-edge technology and connectivity, ensuring they have all the features required of a modern business. Many of their customers come to them through recommendation and referral, testament to the first-class service they deliver.

Tendit Services offer a free Health Check Review Service to determine how they may be able to help customers. Most of the solutions they provide result in little or no significant increase in cost for clients and some even benefit from an overall saving.

Tendit Services regularly help customers who feel they were previously mis-sold, are being over-charged or receiving poor service. This is a familiar story which they come across all-too-often. Sometimes they can help clients secure refunds and even release from bad contracts.

Why Tendit Services chose Ongar Business Centre

Tendit Services initially moved in to Ongar Business Centre early in 2018 and have subsequently moved to a larger office within the Centre. The office location is an advantage as it enables them to get to their customers relatively easily when needed to, with most of their clients located in Essex and London.

"The Centre Manager was helpful from the start and is a pleasure to liaise with. We like the area and especially the facilities, which are secure, well looked after and include the conference and meeting rooms and free parking."

Mick Fickweiler
Tendit Services

What Tendit Services can do for their clients

Print: Upon request, Tendit Services can provide the right solutions for clients including Pay-Per-Print and Managed Print services.

Communications: Regardless of the technology, Tendit Services may be able to help improve client’s set-up, ensure they are not paying too much and that they have sufficient processes in place to deal with disasters, however unlikely they may appear to be

Call recording: Tendit Services offer various call recording solutions allowing customers to choose what is best for them. Call recording is becoming more and more important to businesses on an almost daily basis. It can be used effectively to help prevent or resolve disputes or simply as confirmation of what was agreed (i.e. prices, delivery dates etc).

Branded Text Service: The Tendit Services text and SMS service allows businesses to communicate regularly with their own clients in an easy and effective way. This can be used to let customers know about an offer, upcoming event, promotive or a reminder.

Fraud protection: This is included with every solution as standard.

Moving premises: Tendit Services can help businesses likely to move premises in the future, making sure businesses keep all important existing numbers as well as sorting out internet connectivity, cabling, telephony, print and copier technology.

Disaster recovery: In the event of line, system or power failure, Tendit Services ensure our customers have business continuity.

Remote worker: All of Tendit Service communications solutions allow for remote working, enabling workers to stay in contact with their office and customers.

So Wifi: Social Wifi allows customers to connect to free guest-WiFi.

Info on hold: This allows customers to promote products and services when they place callers to their business on hold.

For more information, see their website www.tenditservices.co.uk or to arrange a free Health Check Review call on 0203 9614400 or email healthcheck@tenditservices.co.uk