Investment Product Development Limited (IPD) are a small real estate business based at the Ongar Business Centre, (OBC). They operate in a niche market only dealing with off-market real estate conducting highly confidential business with a number of associates not only in the UK but also in China, Switzerland and the US.

All fees are paid by the property buyer allowing the client selling the property to save a considerable amount of fees if they were to instruct a real estate agent in the usual way.

IPD consider most property assets including:

  • Offices
  • Warehouse
  • Retail units
  • Hotels
  • Property portfolios
  • Development sites to include contaminated land

The company tend to take on projects that involve selling properties with a minimum selling price of £15million.

Colin Jackson IPD

Why confidentiality is key for IPD

IPD is approached by sellers who wish to sell real estate on an off-market basis as, for a variety of reasons the sellers do not want the sale to become public knowledge. IPD enter into a confidentiality agreement with the seller meaning they are prevented from disclosing any information relating to the sale both before a buyer is found and after the deal has been completed. Any breach of these terms would result in dire consequences for IPD such as being sued or suffering serious reputational risk. IPD are incredibly careful in their dealings and client confidentiality is a prime consideration.

How the move to the Ongar Business Centre has Benefited IPD

Prior to moving to the Ongar Business Centre (OBC) in September 2016, IPD operated from larger offices but following one of the director’s retirement and the sale of other businesses operated by the directors, the company decided to move to smaller offices closer to home. The move to OBC was an excellent choice for the company.

Not only has IPD made financial savings since their move, the centre also provides them with everything needed to run a small business. OBC offers a modern well-maintained building with 24-hour access and free car parking. IPD has also benefited from the use of the conference rooms which are available on site for hire by hour, day or half day and are equipped with free wi-fi, multimedia projectors smart boards. Additionally, the company has the advantage of connecting with other companies that incorporate elements of innovation in their business.

‘Smart, well maintained modern offices ideally suited to smaller businesses with the added advantages of Pam Winter (OBC’s centre manager) who is onsite to manage the building and look after the tenants on a day to day basis.’

Colin Jackson
Investment Product Development Limited (IPD)

About the Ongar Business Centre

The Ongar Business Centre (OBC) is a business incubation space in Ongar. It offers a range of accessible office spaces and conference rooms to provide supportive and conducive environments for start-ups and early stage businesses growing their businesses.

Hundreds of individuals, start-ups and early-stage businesses have taken their first steps on the road to success at OBC. The centre at Ongar aims to support and promote entrepreneurship, particularly with companies who incorporate elements of innovation in their business.

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