Using an innovative app Inspirometer enables organisations to see how much time their staff are spending in meetings and how effectively that time is used. The Inspirometer app measures meeting effectiveness in real time and proposes effortless techniques to aid improvement of engagement and progress.

The Inspirometer App

According to studies quoted by Fast Company, CBS News and the Guardian, meetings in the workplace can average less than 50% efficiency. The issue is often due to a lack of real-time feedback data for participants and coordinators. In 2015 Alan Moss and Mike Clargo partnered together to develop a new tool for measuring workplace meeting effectiveness set to revolutionise the way that feedback on meetings is given.

The Inspirometer app they conceived collates key data that is crucial for the improvement of business productivity and provides comprehensive meeting data at user, team and organisation levels. The returns available to a business on a purely time/financial basis are in the 100:1 region and there are further benefits such as the impact on…

  • Employee engagement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Culture
  • Creativity

Inspirometer is already working with big names such as Siemens, a leading global engineering and technology services company. The work with Siemens is part of a UK-wide Siemens initiative to improve meeting effectiveness across all types of meetings. Inspirometer is working with the Business Excellence teams, both overall and in each of the divisions, to enable them with the data they need to ensure a real and sustained improvement in meeting efficiency. Currently, the initiative is in its early stages but the goals are to reduce time pressure on people caused by meetings and to achieve greater engagement and inspiration through meetings.

“Inspirometer’s simultaneously engaged everyone in facilitating and transforming performance from the inside out. We are currently looking to apply Inspirometer's new tool to our meeting and email performance. We believe we can achieve a significant productivity gain simply through getting better in these areas.”

Dietmar Harteveld
Supply Chain Director

Gaining productivity from meeting data

The app captures feedback from attendees securely in one click, it requires no sign-up or set-up, takes its information directly from the meeting invitation. Meeting attendees click on one relevant icon from a choice of six happy to unhappy faces.  The chosen face registers an anonymous feedback response in real-time. The Inspirometer app is part of a system, which can be linked together to track improvement over time, and pull together organisation-wide statistics to help businesses transform how their employees work together.

‘Anybody who is setting up a meeting in Outlook or Google calendars simply adds as an invitee to their meeting. At the end of the meeting, after feedback is given, the meeting organiser will be able view feedback on a secure dashboard.’

Mike Clargo

Benefits of being based at the Ongar Business Centre

The Inspirometer team moved to the Ongar Business Centre (OBC) in 2015. The centre has provided them with a professional workspace at a very competitive rent. The company has benefited from their choice of location by gaining the ability to concentrate wholly on their work as many other aspects are taken care of by the centre. Furthermore, Inspirometer have been able to be part of a community that is focused on supporting innovation and new enterprises providing them with useful connections for their start-up journey.

“OBC has been great for us. It enabled us to acquire the space we needed at a price we could afford, and on terms that gave us peace of mind when our future was less certain than it is now. It provides us with a neat, clean, modern, secure and professional workspace at a very competitive rent, and takes care of all the administrative and infrastructure aspects which would otherwise drain our time and attention. The OBC staff are friendly and professional, and very helpful, and there is a sense of being with other businesses who are in the same boat.”

Mike Clargo
Inspirometer Ltd

About the Ongar Business Centre

The Ongar Business is a business incubation space in Ongar. It offers a range of accessible office spaces and conference rooms to provide supportive and conducive environments for start-ups and early stage businesses growing their businesses.

“The Ongar Business Centre is more than just a business space. What businesses value most is the opportunity to share ideas and learn from other people who have been through the same early-stage experiences.”

Pam Winter
Centre Manager
Ongar Business Centre

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