Located at the Ongar Business Centre (OBC), City Hotel Reservations is an independent airport parking specialist. City Hotel Reservations offer parking packages for travellers flying from the UK’s main airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, London Stansted and more. Acting as a booking agent, City Hotel Reservations work hard to offer customers the best airport parking services available, ensuring that all providers are fully vetted and approved before advertising them on their websites.

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How Ongar Business Centre has helped City Hotel Reservations

With nine employees currently, City Hotel Reservations is a growing company who were looking to get a more in-depth business plan in place. They sought advice on a multitude of issues such as:

  • Implementing a new corporate identity
  • Issuing relevant marketing material more effectively
  • Becoming more agile
  • Brand awareness and damage limitation

OBC were able to facilitate introductions to Invest ESSEX, the business support agency and inward investment company who manage OBC. Invest ESSEX were able to introduce City Hotel Reservations to their SME business managers and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme.

Invest ESSEX has helped with identifying a list of areas in which City Hotel Reservations could improve and become more efficient, such as creating more targeted marketing campaigns, creating ‘customer groups’, creating blog posts and looking into other advertising options.

Invest ESSEX has also helped with developing discount incentives for their products as part of their benefits packages. Additionally, guest blogging on travel-related/money saving blog sites has been suggested.

City Hotel Reservations website

Outcome of Ongar Business Centre support

City Hotel Reservations have looked into creating customer groups that will allow them to send each customer marketing material and information that is relevant to them specifically. The discussion resulted in City Hotel Reservations contacting an external marketing company that would be able to implement this for them and they are currently in the process of discussing options.

Blog posts have been published on partner website Heathrow Parking, and more will be posted on City Hotel Reservations website after it has completed its rebranding process. After a meeting with YouTube, City Hotel Reservations will also look into alternative marketing options when the rebrand is complete.

A greater focus has been placed on marketing rather than pay per click (PPC), which is a more cost-effective method for City Hotel Reservations in the long term and thus will allow them to put more budget towards expansion.

“Invest ESSEX’s SME Business Manager was a fantastic help to us here at City Hotel Reservations and came forward with a multitude of ideas that have been invaluable to the company. The team at Invest ESSEX showed real passion for the success of our company and went above and beyond to research different areas for us and provide us with the best advice possible. I highly recommend the ERDF programme and we are extremely grateful that schemes like this aiding small, growing businesses are available.”

Natasha Page
Quality Assurance Manager
City Hotel Reservations

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To find out more about City Hotel Reservations, visit their website: www.chreservations.com