Blackmore Four is a high-impact performance consultancy providing bespoke solutions based on key areas of expertise; the leadership, management and organisation of people. We help business leaders achieve outstanding levels of business performance and organisations working at their most effective to meet this goal.

With over 20 years’ experience working with complex organisations and businesses on the cusp of change or rapid growth, we know and understand the need for organisation effectiveness. Through actionable insight, we focus on future ambitions rather than historical challenges.

Until recently, Blackmore Four were based in Brentwood town centre but moved to a larger space at the Ongar Business Centre in 2020 to accommodate company and team growth.

Why Blackmore Four chose Ongar Business Centre

With clients based in and around Essex, the Ongar Business Centre (OBC) provided a larger, more suitable space for Blackmore Four’s business needs while still being well located for staff and clients.  The centre provides good facilities for the business and of course it helps being in such a nice location.

As a company that has plans for growth, the OBC gives Blackmore Four the flexibility to increase to an even larger space as the company expands.

Blackmore Four is a company that is going through growth and change, and OBC is well-placed to adapt and flex according to our needs. There are many benefits to being at the centre, such as the great location and opportunities to network with other businesses. We’re really excited about our future growth with OBC.

Emma Devlin
Business Operations Manager
Blackmore Four

How Blackmore Four has benefited from their move

Blackmore Four has grown to a larger team over the last four years and moving to the Ongar Business Centre (OBC) has enabled the whole team to be able to work together, as flexibly as needed.  Not only that but being close to cities such as London and Chelmsford, with great commuter links, has helped expand our client base and grow our team.

During lockdown, OBC supported wellbeing as the team worked on a rota basis and were able to use the office when they needed to. The location of the centre itself also helped as it is light and welcoming with a vibrant atmosphere.

About the Ongar Business Centre

The Ongar Business Centre (OBC) is a business incubation space in Ongar. It offers a range of accessible office spaces and conference rooms to provide supportive and conducive environments for start-ups and early stage businesses growing their businesses.

Hundreds of individuals, start-ups and early-stage businesses have taken their first steps on the road to success at OBC. The Ongar Business Centre aims to support and promote entrepreneurship, particularly with companies who incorporate elements of innovation in their business.

See here for more information about the Ongar Business Centre.