Bower Retirement

Bower Retirement

National award winning retirement lending specialist, who understand the market, the economy and the latest regulations.

Tendit Services Limited

Tendit Services Ltd specialises in helping businesses with their telecoms, internet and print set-up, service and billing. Their focus is on providing businesses with the latest cutting-edge technology and connectivity, ensuring they have all the features required of a modern business.

Plum Accounting Limited

Accountancy firm helping owners of small to medium sized businesses to be successful and profitable.

maxxpal in Ongar Business Centre office


maxxpal is an Essex based technology consultants who have created the maxxpal X Cloud Platform - a cloud-based suite of business productivity tools.

Encoded Media

Encoded Media

Encoded Media are manufacturers of video, IPTV and network recording (PVR) for all sized businesses.

Inspirometer Ltd.

The Inspirometer app measures meeting effectiveness in real time and proposes improvement techniques.

VitalCare machinery

VitalCare UK

VitalCare UK is an important manufacturer of consumable medical devices.

Colin Jackson IPD

Investment Product Development Limited (IPD)

Investment Product Development Limited (IPD) - an off market real estate business.

Johnson Technical (former tenants at Ongar)

Johnson Technical, previously based at Chelmsford in Essex, provides IT support services to SMEs.

The Blue Group

The Blue Group (former tenants at Ongar)

A thriving group of restaurants and boutique hotels were previously headquartered in Ongar.